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The National Certified Counselor (NCC) is the premier counseling board certification. Earning board certification demonstrates that the counselor/therapist in question has voluntarily met high national standards for the practice of counseling. NCC’s are board certified counselors who offer the highest standards of practice because they have met stringent education, examination, supervision, experience, and ethical requirements.


The NCC is not required for supervised or independent practice; it identifies counselors who have voluntarily sought and met established professional standards, and who continue to fulfill requirements governing continuing education credits and certification renewal. Certification is not a substitute for state-mandated licensure. However, many states use the NCE examination as part of their licensing requirements.


Obtaining board certification through NBCC:

  • Shows the public and employers that the NCC has met high national standards for education, training, and experience

  • Enhances the NCC’s professional reputation and credibility

  • Offers NCC and their clients the protection of an enforceable Code of Ethics

  • Demonstrates NCC’s commitment to continued professional development and skills expansion

  • Provides opportunities for NCC to contribute to advocacy efforts for the counseling profession


The digital badge shown above is issued only to a counselor/therapist who has met all qualifications required, and is a representation to their accomplishment in earning board certification.

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